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About Us

U-Inspire is a youth and young professionals platform in Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation (SETI) to accelerate the implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) inline with the Sendai Framework to support DRR policy and action at local, national and international level.

Working Groups

Our Focus Area

Knowledge Management

Create space for data and resources management and utilizing for interdisciplinary research, enabling the platform to respond to issues related to SETI.

Science Communication

Translations of scientific knowledge and its utilization to improve resilience through SETI in DRR.

Innovation Room

Empowering and strengthening capacities and substance of SETI in DRR, and as catalyst for advanced interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research.

Communication & Networking

Strengthen network and collaboration on research, innovation and policy.


Engagements in science-based DRR policy development and action at local, national and regional level.

What Have We Done So Far

Our Recent Activity

From product to advocacy


Collaboration from of U-Inspire members and reviewed by the Scientists Details


Re-telling Science for better knowledge. Details


Geotour x Wanderlust x U-Inspire trekking one of active fault in West Java guided by Dr Mudrik Daryono (LIPI Researcher in Geotechnology; Sesar Lembang expert) Details


Sharing & Discussion with several organisation. Details


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