Day one of Uinspire

On the 1st -4th of November 2018 in Serpong – Indonesia, we held a workshop on the Asia and the Pacific Regional Workshop on Strengthening, Empowering, and Mobilizing Youth and Young Professionals in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Innovation (SETI) for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). We know this is a mouthful name for a workshop, yet this workshop has a heartfelt purpose to address some of the youth and young professionals’ challenges and potentials in contributing to DRR.

As young independent researchers, we are facing limited opportunities and platform to develop and contribute in SETI for DRR – to those who work in government, universities and research agencies, early-career scientists also have limited opportunity to develop, grow and involve in the national and international environment. There is also limited transdisciplinary interaction and communication, to voice our ideas, thoughts, and inspirations. On the other hand, youth and young professionals are living in a technologically savvy world and have the advantage to communicate fluidly and openly.

As an initiative, Indonesia has established U-Inspire, youth and young scientist platform to accelerate DRR efforts, to address the abovementioned challenges and potentials. The vision and spirit of this platform were shared throughout the regional workshop.

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