What if your house flooded once a year?

It has been common knowledge that we are living in a disaster-prone country. I hope Indonesia is not only the center of disaster but also the center of solutions,” said Bernardus Wisnu Widjaya from BNPB on his opening remarks. It all comes down to innovation in disaster risk reduction. It is not as popular as innovation in emergency response, but we must start somewhere.

Uinspire Indonesia in an emerging partnership with UNICEF held a geospatial hackathon, Shapefor Better Community to find solutions to the Baleendah annual flood.

A hackathon is a social coding event that brings computer programmers, GIS enthusiast and other disciplines together to solve a social problem by building a new software program. The word hackathon is a portmanteau of the words hack, which means programmer, and marathon, an event marked by endurance.

Our pre-event was held on 4-6 October 2019 in Bandung, to experience traces of flood, direct interviews with survivors, and collecting data. On 19-20 October 2019, we held the main event in Jakarta, this is where our finalist hacking their solution.

In the marathon, we have heard about “hit the wall” around the 20-mile mark of a marathon. Hitting the wall refers to depleting your stored glycogen and the feelings of fatigue and the negativity that typically accompany it. All our finalists smashed the wall and presented their solutions.

Team BISMA created a platform that can predict the area of inundation by combining the spatial data, hydrologic model from a rainfall-runoff model, people in pixel and crowd-sourced based data.

Team GEOVETSUKO Enhancing School and Community Resilience Toward Flood and Earthquake through information management by utilizing a story map. By combining spatial and non-spatial data they can visualize disaster risk information in a more attractive and interactive way.

Team CISITU created GIFA, a Geo Intelligence System for Flood Prone Area – Gathering information from the community through a gamification app. This app can also simulate the evacuation route.

Team SARIJADI Sustainability of Disaster Early Warning System (Hepi app and concept).  A low cost near real-time and prediction of inundation information.

GEODIS-TECH Social Media Integration as Disaster Warning Application by combining 4 entities, Communities, Government, App & Web GIS, and Multidisciplinary practitioner.

A constructive question and answer session occurred after every presentation. It was hard for the judges to choose one out of five great solutions. Finally, Team CISITU came out as the winner. Their GIFA app and website, a crowdsourced based with a gamification system, which can visualize the evacuation routes not only for people but also for rubber boat concluded as the best solution for Baleendah flood.

“The focus of UNICEF is family and children, it is interesting to see how the solutions will affect families and children in Baleendah,” said Richard Wecker (UNICEF)

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