Member Engagement

When it comes to member engagement, We have found that people are usually referring to one or more specific things:
Loyalty/retention: Engaged members are the ones who are most likely to renew their memberships and stay loyal for long periods of time.
Satisfaction: Engaged members are happy members.
Passion: Engaged members are those who are most passionate about their association and its mission.
Referrals: Engaged members are those who are most likely to make a word-of-mouth recommendation to a non-member.
Attendance: Engaged members are those who attend the most events and workshops.

U-INSPIRE members are our most valuable treasure. The diversity of members and smooth communication are key to generate innovations in DRR. We all know how important a welcome message is to new members. Without a warm welcome, new members might feel neglected or even ignored by your association. Welcoming a new member is a great way to boost member engagement from the beginning stages of membership. We have moved to Slack for group chat and interest related-thread.Every two weeks, newly signed-up members are added to U-INSPIRE Slack group, allowing them to start interacting with the existing members. A Welcome Package, which consists of basic data of the whole members and introduction of U-INSPIRE, is shared in the group each time new members are added. The new members are invited to join an orientation through Skype every month. As a token of appreciation to the member and to trigger collaboration among members, U-INSPIRE releases a monthly Member Spotlight poster of two selected members who have been active in U-INSPIRE as well as external SETI for DRR activities. For a more focused and well-organized discussion on certain projects, the members use Slack chat or a scheduled RapWap (Rapat WhatsApp, meaning meeting through WhatsApp). The first RapWap was conducted during the determination of U-INSPIRE name, definition, and vision. It may sound naive but, we are hoping that every member of U-INSPIRE can have loyalty, satisfaction, passion, referrals, and attendance.

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