Who are we??

Who we are

Just a concern citizen.

a youth and young professionals platform in Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation (SETI) to accelerate the implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) inline with the Sendai Framework to support DRR policy and action at local, national and international level. As of June 2019, U-INSPIRE has been formally registered as association under “Perkumpulan Pemuda Dan Profesional Muda Dalam Ilmu Pengetahuan, Rekayasa Teknologi dan Inovasi” by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia.



Any Indonesian youth and young professionals (around 16-40 of age) whose expertise are or are highly interested in collaborating on the fields of Disaster Risk Reduction.


Ages 21-30

We appreciate young people’s perspectives to share ideas, express their weird views, effectively planning, prioritizing and being involved in the decision making processes.


Years Old

It’s been like a sprint and roller coaster for us

Working from home since 2018

What Defines

A platform of youth and young professionals which aims to bridge the gaps between the world of researchers with government, practitioners, and the public/communities as well as across different disciplines, institutions, and scale (local, national, global), by creating spaces for youth and young professionals to empower their role in SETI for disaster risk reduction. It is expected to contribute in the achievements of SFDRR and Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 4, Goal 8, Goal 9, Goal 11, Goal 13, and Goal 17.

Our Vision

“Indonesian youth and young professionals as the generator of innovation in science, engineering, and technology for disaster resilience at national and global level”

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