Sendai Framework Voluntary Commitment
Our actions in the past years

The Sendai Framework recognizes youth leadership and encourages governments to engage with youth in the design and implementation of policies, plans and standards. We envisioned ourselves as Indonesian youth and young professionals as the generator of innovation in science, engineering, and technology for disaster resilience at local, national, and global level; therefore, our commitment is aligned with priorities and targets of Sendai Framework for DRR, 36a(ii): “[Y]outh are agents of change and should be given the space and modalities to contribute to disaster risk reduction, in accordance with legislation, national practice and educational curricula”

SFVC Deliverables

U-INSPIRE Commitments

Hackathon Series

Activities primarily aim to promote the importance of disaster data literacy and open data, inviting Youth and Young Professional from multidisciplinary background to collaborate in generating innovative and creative solutions based on data.

Indonesian YYP leaders

Indonesia YYP Leaders participated and trained during Regional Workshop that aims to empower youth and young professionals from countries in Asia and the Pacific (and beyond) on SETI for DRR.

DRR Factsheet

Developed Knowledge Product answering frequently-asked questions following a significant disaster events. FAQ are obtained from the field and social media. This is also intended to clarify hoax news. The contents are consulted and reviewed with relevant experts.

Aerial Mapping for Mitigation & Response

U-INSPIRE, in partnership with Sky Volunteer, has been involved in data acquisition activities of the NDMA, particularly capturing spatial data by UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). The collaboration will continue to formulating Standard Operation Procedures of UAV in emergency response.

Annual Report

Report that summarizes profile, programs, activities, and achievements of U-INSPIRE Indonesia annually.

U-INSPIRE Xperience

Online Knowledge Sharing. This is one way to reach a wider audience without having to physically attend in a certain city. The audience could participate in a structured, moderated discussion within two hours, and they could have the written records of the discussion afterwards.

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